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hope wellness LA...

Individualized Nutrition Based on Your Unique Body

Meet Our Founder + CEO...

Autumn Beam MS, ACN, CNS, LDN 

Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Specialist

Founder + CEO of Hope Wellness

How Hope Wellness Supports Your Life: 

Hey there!

I get it. You've googled, read articles and books from health experts, tried everything they've suggested and you're still confused. Your friends gave you all the advice on what worked for them and you don't understand why it isn't working for you. You've seen many docs or specialists and they can't seem to find anything wrong. Sound familiar?


We've been there: stressed, exhausted, and unsure about what to eat. Here's the GOOD news: there are answers and you can move from frustrated and confused to empowered and energized; taking complete control over your nutrition and wellness journey.


Whether you work at home or are a busy professional, there are custom solutions for you. I've developed unique, individually personalized programs and have an exceptional team that specializes in a variety of health conditions, concerns and we use mind blowing and life shifting resources that only our clients get access to.  

We dedicate ourselves to meeting you where you're at and partnering with you to develop a simple, highly personalized nutritional approach that works for you. Get balanced with functional nutrition through things like metabolic, gut, inflammation support (and much more).


When you work with us you can expect to throw diets out the window and find food freedom FOREVER while still getting results. Take the first step to get the support you need today by setting an appointment today.


Meet Autumn
Why Naturopathy

Why hope wellness LA?

It can help with

Optimal Health

Achieve optimal health and wellness with a  custom nutrition plan... it works!

Strengthen Immunity

Make your resistance to virus and infection stronger with the right food and diet...


Could toxins be the root of the issue? Removing toxins and pollutants from your system could help...

Women's Health

Women and men have different body types, hormones and nutritional needs. Finding the right balance is essential to female health.

Handle Stress 

Stress management is essential for wellness. Find out what to do when food isn't enough 


Have more energy and get more done when you nutrients intake is's proven.



After a lifetime of looking to western medicine for all my health answers, I was walking with a cane and I hurt every. single. day. Autumn (through much resistance from me, I admit) helped me to see how my poor dietary choices and lack of specific nutrients were causing my issues. After a year of a nutritional supplementation plan I am back to running and lifting weights, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and I am almost completely pain-free. It was all so much easier than I expected. I literally owe her my life.

— J.B. 

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