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Autumn Beam MS, ACN, CNS 

Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Specialist

Autumn Beam is a holistic clinical nutritionist with an expert functional approach to whole body nutrition. She is the founder of Hope Wellness in central Los Angeles. She serves as a wellness expert and nutritionist for local concierge and celebrity clients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Century City, and surrounding areas. Autumn is passionate about helping clients rediscover their optimal selves to live their best lives. She believes in the importance of spreading awareness that nutrition and wellness are at the core of most chronic health conditions. She does so as a sought-after guest and contributor to a variety of media sources.

Autumn believes although food and mental wellbeing is the foundation of our health, it also requires a deep understanding of the science of nutrition and supplementation. This provides individualized...


Why hope wellness LA?

It can help with

Optimal Health

Achieve optimal health and wellness with a  custom nutrition plan... it works!

Strengthen Immunity

Make your resistance to virus and infection stronger with the right food and diet...


Could toxins be the root of the issue? Removing toxins and pollutants from your system could help...

Women's Health

Women and men have different body types, hormones and nutritional needs. Finding the right balance is essential to female health.

Handle Stress 

Stress management is essential for wellness. Find out what to do when food isn't enough 


Have more energy and get more done when you nutrients intake is optimal...it's proven.



After a lifetime of looking to western medicine for all my health answers, I was walking with a cane and I hurt every. single. day. Autumn (through much resistance from me, I admit) helped me to see how my poor dietary choices and lack of specific nutrients were causing my issues. After a year of a nutritional supplementation plan I am back to running and lifting weights, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and I am almost completely pain-free. It was all so much easier than I expected. I literally owe her my life.

— J.B. 

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