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There is hope that wellness is possible.

Hi there! I'm Autumn Beam, founder of Hope Wellness and expert in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Approach.

Back in my teens I was skinny, didn’t break out a lot and could eat just about anything without gaining weight. Some people would have loved to be in that position. What I didn’t know was how unhealthy my body was under the surface. By the time I was in my 20’s I was severely constipated and I just lived that way. Instinctively I knew that it probably wasn’t normal, but I just lived with it not realizing how bad that actually was for me. By the time I was 26 I was severely depressed, bloated all the time, had trouble getting pregnant, and was so tired I couldn’t function. Doctors said everything was “normal” and not one of them talked to me about what I was eating (not all doctors are like this, this was just my experience). 


By 31, I still couldn’t function well, I was still somewhat depressed and constantly exhausted. I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Additionally, I wasn’t sleeping well, saw changes in my menstrual cycle, my digestion and constipation were worse than ever, and I was having new allergies to foods and my environment. None of this was a coincidence and not one of the 13 doctors I saw talked to me about the damage that had been done due to what I was eating and past medications I took. One doctor even told me it was all in my head. I refused to believe this is the way I would be the rest of my life.

After years of self-study and help from functional nutrition approach, I finally started to see major improvements in my body, mood, and well-being. I was getting my life back. I decided to go back to school where I started at the University of Bridgeport's graduate Human Nutrition program specializing in the functional nutrition approach. I have committed myself to helping others avoid the dead ends I experienced and find true wellness again. I no longer have symptoms of Fibromyalgia and my allergies and digestive problems are virtually gone. There is hope that wellness is possible. 

Wellness is more than just trying to follow the latest fad diet and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a nutritional label such as "vegetarian" or "Paleo." Down with the labels!!! I will help you learn how to use nutrition as a tool to prevent or combat chronic disease, lack of energy, digestive challenges, pain and so much more. Optimal health requires an individual approach because you have your own values, beliefs, metabolism, and genetics. Your diet should be as unique as you are. Sometimes we use supplements when necessary to assist in healing, but only when necessary. I do look at your biochemistry and do a deep dive into what's going on to find solutions. 


Work with me and see how great it feels to be empowered with the nutritional knowledge you need to be confident in what you make at home, order out, or choose at special events. Guilt free. 

It's time to stop wondering which diet is right for you and start living your healthiest life! Book Now

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