Your Life Rocks Podcast

Jenny Stemmerman asked Autumn to return for another episode, this time to discuss fad diets. When a diet works great for a friend, but not for you, what's the difference? Autumn dives into to clear the fog and discuss why some diets aren't for everyone. 

Transitioning to a Healthcare Career

Autumn joins Ali Shapiro and a couple other wellness advocates to talk about how they transitioned from different careers into the wellness space. Autumn shares her personal story behind how she came to be a Clinical Nutritionist and her experience in going back to school. 

Your Life Rocks Podcast

Autumn joined entrepreneur and life-balance expert, Jenny Stemmerman to discuss stress and how it take its toll on our bodies. Autumn shares real-life tips to thrive in your everyday life, combat the effects of stress, and prevent long-term disease.


Weekend Wow With Tracy Arnston

Autumn joined fitness expert and wellness advocate, Tracy Arnston, on her Facebook Live show Weekend Wow. She had her as a guest to talk about SUGAR: where it is hidden, what dietary recommendations are, and she answers some burning question viewers had about all things sugar! 

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