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Autumn's Background

Autumn Beam is a nationally certified holistic Clinical Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN) specializing in a functional approach to whole body nutrition with a unique education in bio-individuality from an evidenced-based approach. A CNS requires a minimum of a Master's Degree in Nutrition, 1,000 hours of supervision and the passing of a board exam. She also holds a certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN).


She the is the founder of Hope Wellness in the Los Angeles area and is an active member of the American Nutrition Association.


Autumn specializes in clients ages 11+.

Meet Autumn Beam

"Wellness is more than just trying to follow the latest fad diet, and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a nutritional label such as "vegetarian" or "Paleo." Down with the labels!!!
I will help you learn how to use nutrition as a tool to prevent or combat chronic disease, lack of energy, digestive challenges, pain, and so much more. Your approach should be as unique as you are."

Autumn Beam is a nationally certified holistic clinical nutritionist with an expert functional approach to whole body nutrition. She is the founder of Hope Wellness in central Los Angeles. She serves as a wellness expert and nutritionist for local concierge and celebrity clients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Century City, and surrounding areas. Autumn is passionate about helping clients rediscover their optimal selves to live their best lives. She believes in the importance of spreading awareness that nutrition and wellness are at the core of the most common chronic health conditions. She does so as a sought-after guest and contributor to a variety of media sources.

Autumn believes although food and mental wellbeing is the foundation of our health, it also requires a deep understanding of the science of nutrition and supplementation. This provides individualized health and biochemical evaluation because no two clients are the same. Autumn gives clients the freedom to make practical, healthy choices to create a balanced, sustainable approach to food and wellness. Beyond food, Autumn specializes in working with clients who have a variety of preexisting health conditions to help improve their wellness and quality of life. 

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