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After a lifetime of looking to western medicine for all my health answers, I was walking with a cane and I hurt every. single. day. Autumn (through much resistance from me, I admit) helped me to see how my poor dietary choices and lack of specific nutrients were causing my issues. After a year of a nutritional supplementation plan I am back to running and lifting weights, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and I am almost completely pain-free. It was all so much easier than I expected. I literally owe her my life.

— Justin B.

I was sick, sluggish, depressed and exhausted after being bit by a venomous spider and dealing with a parasite. Autumn gave me a protocol of nutrition that I followed to the letter for three weeks. Following her advice worked beautifully and I have found myself healthier and happier than ever, full of energy and free of pathogens! 

— Heather R.

"Your advice was more helpful than any of the doctors we saw. It was more specific, more applicable and we have seen great results."

— Natalie F.

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